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Websites AND web applications

Don’t want to leave your revenue-generating systems to chance?

Just as our cars and many household appliances cannot run forever without maintenance, the same is true for software solutions. The ever-changing security threats, legal and technical environment requires constant adaptation of the software you use.

Vitarex helps you to securely operate, maintain and enhance the applications and websites you need to increase efficiency, scalability and profitability.

Discover how we can boost your operations together and get ahead of the competition!

Sooner or later, every system has to be touched…

  • Have you ever considered that the software you used for your system years ago has probably had dozens (!) of security patches released since then?
  • Do you store trade secrets, customer data in your systems? Are you worried about GDPR, NIS2 and other regulatory compliance?
  • Would you lose serious revenue if your systems suddenly stopped working due to a technical or security failure? Do you know who you would turn to in such an event?
  • Does your website need a design update or are you losing customers because your site is difficult to use on mobile?
  • Is your website running slowly, which is hurting your search engine rankings?
  • Do you want to implement new ideas in your application, but years of outdated technology are preventing you from improving it?
  • Have your competitors already digitised their operations, which is taking customers away from you?
  • Has Google/Apple taken your mobile app off the store because it doesn’t meet the latest standards?

There is a solution!

  • Do you want to keep your business data and the personal data of your customers safe?
  • Want your staff and customers to use your systems more efficiently?
  • Want your app to be easily accessible from any device?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop worrying about IT, security and operational issues and concentrate on what you do best?

One problem less

We have good news! Our Operations, Maintenance and Upgrade service provides a comprehensive solution to your most critical problems, ensuring the security, performance and continuous evolution of your applications, so you can stay safe and competitive in a dynamic and changing market.

We can provide a technically and financially flexible solution for the most diverse needs.

Let’s have a chat over a delicious coffee in our office or even a free online consultation!

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Key facts

From EUR 0 per month

No monthly fee is required. If you just want to have a trusted partner on hand when you need to get things done, with whom you have a legally and technically sound relationship, that’s an option.

Continuous security updates

We assess the components used in your system, track their updates, test them in a test environment and keep your website or web application up-to-date.

Arbitrary availability

Is your system business critical? Can you only update at night? Do you want a developer to be available even on weekends? Let’s discuss your needs, we’ll find a solution!

Flexible pricing

If you book a fixed capacity per month, you will be rewarded with a discounted rate. What’s in it for you? We prioritise your tasks and you always have someone to turn to for small or even major improvements.