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Is Excel no longer enough to manage your business? Too many clicks to complete your daily, weekly tasks? Have you reached the point where you could take automation to the next level? Don’t have the perfect app you’re looking for?

There are stages in the life of every business when it grows and a transformation is triggered: new methods and processes, more efficient operations are needed to take it to the next level.

At Vitarex, we want to help you with two very important things: together with you, we will figure out what you need and deliver it on time and with outstanding quality!

Efficiency is essential for growth

  • Do you spend hours every day slogging through complex and time-consuming administrative tasks that distract you from the really important business activities? Or is the unintuitive user interface getting in the way of your work?
  • If data is scattered across different platforms and spreadsheets, this makes it difficult to see the relationships and increases the likelihood of errors.
  • As your business grows, do you find that your current systems are not able to keep up with the changing needs of your business?
  • There are times when time is the only obstacle… when business software no longer meets modern market needs, is slow and cannot be integrated with the latest technologies.
  • Everyone now has a computer in their pocket. Not having the ability to access business data remotely and securely is a big problem, and that can limit mobility and operational efficiency.
  • It is difficult to produce accurate and detailed reports, which are essential for strategic decision-making.
  • You may already know what you want an app to do, but you just can’t find one that does it exactly the way you need it…
  • Or maybe you’ve already started a project, but the result is not what you wanted because it never gets done, or it doesn’t work the way you wanted?

There is a solution!

With the right tools, anything is possible!

  • Instead of spending your time managing the ins and outs of your business, would you rather spend your time building your business and closing new deals?
  • Do you want to get a better overview of your transactions and projects, to produce punchier and cooler statements of your work, so you can plan better for the next period?
  • Do you want your day-to-day business processes to run more smoothly, with less manual intervention and less room for error?
  • Your competitors are already working with AI, and would you like to conquer your customers with such unique solutions?

The solution is…

The good news is that all this is feasible

with custom-developed IT solutions,

tailored to your needs and the way your business works!

To get started on this journey of efficiency and growth, let us know how we can help you! We’d be happy to invite you to our office for coffee or meet you for a free online consultation!

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Why choose us?

We’ve been developing business management and ERP software for more than 25 years. One of the keys to our success is that our applications are reliable, user-friendly and have an easy-to-use interface. This is always achieved by working closely with our clients: from the idea to the solution.

  • You will want your dream solution to be built by experienced professionals who have been building similar systems for many years.
  • We don’t say we’re good – our customers say that about us. We’re proud that our users rate our systems as excellent, as reflected in our customer satisfaction surveys and ongoing positive feedback.
  • We don’t just deliver technology solutions! We partner with our customers along the way and put our heart and soul into our work, ensuring that the end result is not just functional, but sophisticated and detailed.
  • For us, beyond the success of a project, long-term customer satisfaction is also very important, which is why we strive for synergy in our partnerships.


Andrea Grósz

“They performed to the high standard expected

“Working with Gábor and his team was very smooth and professional. I received a quick response to all my questions, the requested tasks and modifications were completed to the expected high standard. Collaborative thinking, fast response time, professional work, flexible pricing – these are the reasons we worked with them on several projects.”

“The speed of delivery exceeded my expectations”

“I chose Vitarex in 2023 and was pleasantly surprised. Website and service store development was the task. It is important for me that the developers understand what I want to do without jargon. I got that here to the maximum and the speed of delivery exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your work.”

Béla Vincze

Tech stack

Web systems

We build routinely
professional web management systems. You want your application to
easily accessible from anywhere and on any platform? No problem!

Cloud systems

Are you on the verge of growth and is your customer base about to skyrocket? Do you have foreign clients? We’ll build you a cloud application that can grow with you.

Mobile app

We’ll build the mobile app you want for Android and iOS and upload it to the app store.

Desktop application

Want a classic desktop app? We’ve got you covered, thousands of our apps built with this technology are used every day!