IT solutions

according to complex needs

We have been developing software for the domestic market for more than 25 years. One of the keys to our success is that we work closely with our clients, and together we develop the details of the IT solution that is right for them. This is based on the expertise of our experienced staff, making all our software reliable, user-friendly and easy to learn.

The programme that makes us work

We believe in synergy

Our principle is to work with our clients to develop the best solutions for them.

We are evolving

In our profession, it is particularly important to keep up with the ever-changing world.

We are learning

With every customer, with every task to be solved.

We fix our mistakes

There is no perfect programme in the world, but everything can be improved.

We love what we do

We have learned that good work can only be done in a positive atmosphere.

Our solutions

Desktop applications

Building a classic desktop application for Windows.

Mobile application development

We can create the mobile application you need for Android and iOS.

Websites and web systems

Web management systems and website development.

Cloud applications

We build a cloud application that can grow with you, even to serve your foreign customers.

Machine learning and AI

We help you implement and operate machine learning-based intelligence in your systems.

Specific needs

We work closely with our customers to shape the solutions we deliver. We stay in contact throughout the development and continue to improve the applications based on our customers’ feedback.

Custom development


Vitarex helps you to securely operate, maintain and enhance the applications and websites you need to increase efficiency, scalability and profitability.

Operation, maintenance

Deep learning and MI

We are experienced in deep learning-based machine learning and its application in apps. Our experts have deep knowledge in artificial intelligence.

AI solutions