We performed at the Budapest MLOps meetup in April!

Last night was the latest Budapest MLOps meetup event at Kastner Kommunity. The evening started at 6:00 pm with the gates opening, then at 6:30 pm Miklós Tóth introduced the first speaker and we got down to business!

János Szendi-Varga and Péter Nagy, representing SEON, demonstrated how to run thousands of models efficiently with MLflow. They also discussed the advantages of MLflow and when to avoid using it. The second presentation was given by Gábor Gulyás, who presented the tool called “Tartás Pajtás” and the development project in the colours of Vitarex. Tartás Pajtás is a Raspberry Pi-based device that can help school nurses to screen schoolchildren for scoliosis by analysing their posture. Finally, due to a cancellation, co-organiser Miklós Tóth gave an exciting presentation on the phenomenon of model drift, explaining the background of the phenomenon and illustrating it in practice in a jupyter notebook.

The evening ended with a pleasant networking session. Thank you for your participation (20 people in total) and we will see you again soon!

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